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Prayer Request: 7 tips on how to write a good 5-point essay.

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7 tips on how to write a good 5-point essay. (Oct 26, 2021)

Prayer Request:
=11ptWould you like to write an extraessay review that would make even your mother proud? Then here's the secret ingredient. It's structure. The following tips will tell you how to write a good 5-paragraph English essay. =11ptTip #1: Start with an essay outline =11ptIf you make an outline of the essay before you write it, it will help you stick to the given topic. Start by briefly writing subheadings, including ideas and research that you think are appropriate. So a good essay outline consists of five points: =11pt Introduction (introductory section); =11pt First paragraph (main body, your arguments); =11pt Second paragraph (main part, your arguments); =11pt Third point (main body, your arguments); =11pt Conclusion (conclusion). =11ptTip #2: So, get down to business! =11ptThe main thing in a good essay is to "hook" the reader from the first sentences. Let him or her know what to expect in the article and what he or she can learn, which means explain the point of your essay in the opening paragraph. =11ptTip #3: Communicate your arguments in the opening paragraph of your essay =11ptConclude the introductory section of your essay with talking points that tie together the three upcoming paragraphs. =11ptTip #4: Present your best argument first =11ptPresent your best argument first. Write an argument about why the reader should consider cake decorating as a career. =11ptTip #5: Keep pouring your reasoning and arguments into the second and third paragraphs =11ptAn essay can't rely on just one point of view. The third and fourth paragraphs should continue your decorum. Recall that we already mentioned above the three benefits of cake decorating are aesthetic pleasure , stable employment and personal freedom. Write in the third and fourth paragraphs your arguments for stable employment and personal freedom. Reflect on how running your own business creates the opportunity to work and be in demand in your field. What are the benefits of working for yourself? If in doubt about what to write about here, look for more ideas on Google. Play around with search terms such as: "cake decorator," "own business," "personal freedom entrepreneur." =11ptTip #6: Complete the argument =11ptConclude the argument by listing all the arguments in the final section of the essay. Here you can repeat some of the reasoning you used earlier. Know that the closing section is your last opportunity to convince the reader of your reasoning, but do not introduce any new ideas in the ending. =11ptTip #7: Take a break and then reread the essay again =11ptAfter you finish writing your essay in English, set it aside for a while. Later, when you review it again, you will undoubtedly notice things that can be corrected or tweaked. Moreover, it is perfectly normal to write three, five, or even ten drafts before you completely like the essay. =11ptIf you don't have time to put your creation aside, ask a friend to edit it. You may not agree with your friend's criticism, but his fresh perspective will allow you to look at the text from the reader's point of view. =11ptSo, to summarize. Any good piece of writing adheres to structure. When you write a five-paragraph essay, the structure should be fixed and specific. But the product you create within that structure is unequivocally yours. What will your next five-paragraph essay be about? =11ptRelated Resources: How to Write an Essay: Basic Principles and Practical Tips What is an essay? Structure of the essay Social studies essay plan

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