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Prayer Request: How to keep your online passwords secure?

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How to keep your online passwords secure? (Jan 30, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Fail to read the post on how to create strong online passwords? You might get hooked on phishing. In this article, you can find useful information about where to store important information, protect yourself from hackers and malware. How to create and store your passwords in an easy and reliable way? Follow the steps in this article to avoid losing your personal information.  This article is very useful for your online security. It is highly recommended to keep your logins and passwords secure to boost your safety measures. Now, I always follow the tips mentioned in the article and don’t need to worry about being hacked. Moreover, I also learned more about phishing and found the tips to avoid it incredibly helpful. My passwords are always strong and contain many symbols, letters, numbers. The password managers come in handy. These tools are incredibly popular among millions of users. The majority of these services are easy to use and very convenient. You just need to copy the password and paste it onto the website. It is important to save these passwords somewhere on your computer, or in the cloud. However, the passwords created by online helpers are hard to remember.

   Discussion: How to keep your online passwords secure?
renata · 6 months ago
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